About CTF

Café Theater Festival (CTF) takes place 5-8 March 2020 in Utrecht, 20 – 21 March in Zwolle and 3-5 April 2019 in Tilburg. The CTF is a festival that welcomes everyone, therefore there is no official entrance fee. We work according to the Pay What You Can principle. After each performance you can make a donation or become a “haunter” (donor) of the festival.

Plan your visit

All performances last 15-30 minutes. Make sure you arrive at the café 15 to 30 minutes before the show starts. To stay informed on whether the place is overcrowded, please have a look at the online timetable that will constantly be updated.

Live Busyness Gauge

It can be very busy on the CTF. Make sure you don’t stand in front of a closed door and view our Live pressure gauge in the Timetable to see exactly how full it is in the cafes. If the show time is green, there is still enough space. Orange means that it is starting to get cozy so you have to hurry up for a spot. A red time indicates that the café is unfortunately full. We recommend to be in the cafe 15 to 30 minutes before the show. The shows themselves last a maximum of 30 minutes.

Wheelchair accessibility

Several cafés are accessible to wheelchair users, indicated by a wheelchair icon. These cafés also have a ground floor toilet.

Pay what you can

CTF works according to the Pay What You Can principle. In order for the festival to exist, we ask visitors to make a donation after the performance. You can opt for a contribution of 4, 7 or 10 euros by paying cash or by card at the exit of the café. An average of 7 euros per visitor is needed to finance the performances. If you are able to pay less or more, you can choose 4 or 10 euros.

The donations in each café directly benefits the performance and its makers, for production costs and a professional performers’ fee. This way we can collectively enable the artists to make special performances for CTF.

Language no problem

The timetables for the upcoming editions of the Café Theater Festivals in Utrecht, Tilburg and Zwolle will be announced in the run-up to the festivals. The Café Theater Festival (CTF) takes place from 5 to 8 March 2020 in Utrecht, 3 to 5 April in Tilburg and 20 to 21 March 2020 in Zwolle. Each edition of our festival contains a broad selection of Language no problem-performances. In our previous edition of the Café Theater Festival in 2019 we selected 13 performances suitable for non-Dutch speakers as well. Click on the performance title to read more.

Coffee Complex by Throw Flow: Wake up! Coffee Complex is a poetic circus theatre performance for coffee loving nosy parkers, full of flying saucers and balancing

NOMAD by Mayke van Veldhuizen & Federico Calcagno: A sensitive and energetic dialogue between a clarinet player and a dancer in which klezmer, jazzy improvisations and modern dance are combined.

WILD by UITWAS: Beware: wild game! In WILD you find yourself in the middle of a colorful jungle full of movement and live music. Join the adventure. The performers won’t bite.

The Limited Encounters #2 by Maele & Madeira: Restrictions are not about rules but about choices made. Maele & Madeira use dance and circus to explore the borders between limitations and possibilities.

Internal Jogging by KNOT Kollektiv: KNOT Kollektiv brings us a playful interactive dance performance with elements of circus and live music. The common goal? To laugh together, to forget loneliness and to create unity.

WE by Nishant Bhola | World of Dance: We human beings are always looking for perfection. Nishant Bhola presents the (im)perfect picture. How far have we gotten away from reality?

URA – Hidden in plain sight by Anna Zurkirchen: A dancer hanging from her hair, searching within the borders of her own private glasshouse. A surreal manifest of the private.

TRANS/CE by Bart Merks & Merel Franx: Say goodbye to the need to give meaning to everything. Surrender. Surrender to pure physical ecstasy. A dance performance inspired on the club scene.

Aan alle moeders by Hannah & Lida Zwaans: Let yourself be guided by the warmth, chase the vulnerability and find your own story in this dancing ode to all (who have or have had) mothers.

DECIDOPHOBIA 2000 by Sacha Vera Dans: The world moves fast and our future is insecure. We went from YOLO to FOMO – and now we are completely lost. Four dancers keep all options open.

The Devil on the Dance Floor by Quinteto del Diablo & Goda Žukauskaitė: Join us on an emotional trip of tango and dance that transcends all boundaries. A place to listen, to live and to be – whether you’re a devil or an angel.

Ter plekke by Arnhemse Meisjes: Arnhemse Meisjes and Rosine Langbroek try to find true offline connection through music and dance: daring and unstrained, with a playful use of space and a voice to drift away on.

There is nothing, but there is something by Sherise & Gianine Strang: A contemporary dance duet between two sisters, about getting together, being vulnerable and experiencing friction.