Welcome at Café Theater Festival

Welcome at Café Theater Festival


Café Theater Festival blend the performing arts and cafés into a place where nothing is what it seems. Your bar stool suddenly becomes a stage and a noisy haunterturns out to be an actor. In Utrecht, Zwolle and Tilburg, one weekend per year dozens of pubs in the city set the stage for short performances by a boundless generation of makers. Put together your own theatrical pub crawl from the wide range of performances and immerse yourself in dance, music theater, text theater, circus, stories and everything in between.

Café Theater Festival (CTF) takes place 5-8 March 2020 in Utrecht, 20-21 March in Zwolle and 3-5 April 2020 in Tilburg. Prepare for your visit with the visitor information below. This year we have 10 Language No Problem performances for you to visit. 

Language no problem

Don’t you speak Dutch? No problem, every year we select a lot of performances that are ‘language no problem’. You can easily find them in the program (book) and all performance descriptions on the website are in English as well.

Live crowd gauge

It can be very crowded at the CTF. Make sure you don’t stand in front of a closed door and view our constantly updated crowd auge in the timetable to see if there is still enough space in the cafes. If the show time is green, there is still enough space. Orange means that it is starting to get cozy, so you will have to hurry uu to claim a place. A red time indicates that the café is unfortunately full. We recommend to be in the cafe 15 to 30 minutes before the show. The shows themselves last a maximum of 30 minutes.

Wheelchair accessibility

The most cafés are accessible to wheelchair users, as indicated in the program book with a wheelchair icon. These cafés at least have an entrance that is accessible to wheelchair users and a bathroom on the ground floor.

Pay what you can

The CTF works according to the Pay What You Can principle. In order for the festival to exist, we ask visitors to make a donation after the performance. You can opt for a contribution of 4, 7 or 10 euros by paying cash or by card at the exit of the café. An average of 7 euros per visitor is needed to finance the performances. If you are able to pay less or more, you can choose 4 or 10 euros. The donations in each café directly benefits the performance and its makers, for production costs and a professional performers’ fee. This way we can collectively enable the artists to make special performances for CTF.

Become a ‘Stamgast’

In addition to the Pay What You Can contributions – which directly benefit the performers – you can support the CTF by becoming a regular or so-called ‘Stamgast’ in Dutch. This way you contribute structurally to the festival and ensure that the festival can continue to exist in the future. Donations from ‘Stamgasten’ are used to cover festival costs other than the performance costs, such as program books, masterclasses for performers or office costs. You can already become a ‘Stamgast’ with a donation of € 10 per year. As a thank you, you will receive our ‘Stamgasten’ newsletter which will keep you informed about all developments and special promotions for ‘Stamgasten’. With a contribution of € 25 or more per year you will also receive discounts that are offered by our cultural partners. By the way: did you know that Stichting Cafetheaterfestival has the status of cultural ANBI? This makes your gift 125% tax deductible. You can become a ‘Stamgast’ here.

Any other questions about Café Theater Festival? Please let us know by sending a message to info@cafetheaterfestival.nl.