Practical Information

Practical Information

The Café Theater Festival (CTF) is where the performing arts and hospitality meet. You’re out on the town, having a drink or a coffee, when your table suddenly becomes a stage and the noisy patron turns out to be an actor.  Hospitality establishments across Utrecht, Arnhem and Rotterdam turn into stages for exciting up-and-coming artists and performers.

Prepare your visit to the CTF by reading the information below.

Ahead of the Crowd

It can get very crowded at the CTF. To make sure you don’t end up standing in front of a closed door, we recommend arriving at the location 15 to 30 minutes before the show. Each show lasts no more than 30 minutes.

Wheelchair Accessibility

For wheelchair users, locations that feature wheelchair accessible entrances and toilet for the disabled are indicated in the program with a wheelchair icon.

Pay What You Can

The CTF uses a Pay What You Can pricing model, meaning we ask attendees to make a voluntary contribution of €5, €7 or €10 after the performance. An average of €7 per visitor is needed for the CTF to break even. Your contribution not only allows us to keep the lights on, but also directly benefits the performer who’s act you just watched, as a share of each contribution goes directly to them.

Become a Regular

If a one-time contribution just doesn’t feel like it’s enough, you can support the CTF for the long haul by becoming a so-called Stamgast. Stamgasten sign up to donate annually, thereby helping us ensure that the festival can continue to take place year after year.

For more information or to sign up, go here.