Sponsoring, Partnerships & Advertising

Sponsoring, Partnerships & Advertising

Sponsoring & Partnerships

The Café Theater Festival has 19 years of experience in organizing events, curating lineups and developing up-and-coming performing artists. Every year, the CTF attracts around 10.000 culture enthusiasts. We have built a wide network of hospitality establishments, performing artists and cultural organizations.

Sponsors and partners are important to us. In return for their generosity, we offer our sponsors a wide array of benefits, tailored to their individual needs. If you’re interested, we would love to talk to you.

For more information, please contact rosanne@cafetheaterfestival.nl.


An easy way to reach our followers and fans is to place an ad in our program booklet and/or newsletter. More tailored solutions can be found too.

For more information, please contact merel@cafetheaterfestival.nl.