Become a Stamgast!

Become a Stamgast!

You can support the CTF for the long haul by becoming a so-called Stamgast. Starting at €15 a year, Stamgasten sign up to donate annually, thereby helping us ensure that the festival can continue to take place year after year. Their donations are used to partly cover a wide variety of festival-related costs, from administrative and marketing costs to fees for classes for performers.

If you sign up, as a thank you you will receive our Stamgasten newsletter, which will keep you informed about all relevant developments as well as exclusive promotions.

As the CTF has an ANBI-status, your annual donation is 125% tax deductible.

We’re currently working on our English form. If you would like to become a Stamgast now, e-mail us at stamgasten@cafetheaterfestival.nl.