02 februari 2020

Language No Problem performances at CTF 2020

Language No Problem performances at CTF 2020

You don’t speak Dutch? No problem. At Café Theater Festival we love to give you a warm welcome, also if you don’t speak our language. This year we’ve selected 11 so-called Language No Problem performances. This means that these 11 performances are accessible for non-Dutch speakers as well.

KNOT KOLLEKTIV & CIE NYFF | The Sensitive Future

Location: Shoppingcenter Overvecht | Genre: Circus / dance

Innovation was supposed to bring us together. Technology was meant to connect the world. But the distance between us has grown bigger than ever. This duet seeks to explore how we can build ourselves a more sensitive future.

MIRJAM RAVIER | Lost in Transformation

Location: Cousina | Genre: Hiphop / dance

She looks at you with those big brown eyes. She laughs so sweetly. She kisses you, with the same mouth that called you rotten yesterday. How do you cope with someone that supports and limits you at the same time? Don’t miss this
chance to enjoy hiphop and dance.


Location: Het Muzieklokaal | Genre: Dance

Can intimacy sustain when physical interaction is becoming more and more rare in our life? Second is a dance duet that confronts you with the quality of physical intimacy today.


Location: Gastmaal Café | Genre: Hiphop / dance

We got this! Do we? Two power women are wrestling, dancing and rapping their way through life. About always wanting to do the right thing, but feeling like it’s still never enough, yet always too much.


Location: Hofman Café | Genre: Hiphop / dance

Next In Line is an energetic and compelling krump theater show about the search for identity and the representation of your roots.

AFRA ERNST | Een ode aan…

Location: Wijnbar VinVin | Genre: Dance

In all vulnerability, Afra Ernst shares her experience with abuse. A journey through her heart, a female heart, a mother’s heart. Een ode aan… is an impressive dance performance that makes the audience part of an intense personal story.

2DEFORM | Detached Separation

Location: Back & Fourth | Genre: Dance

Two pulsing bodies fight their way through a boxing match, not against each other, but against their own isolating daily routine. How real is their reality when alienation dissolves them?

ROBIN NIMANONG | Aphrodisiac

Location: The 5th | Genre: Dance

Serving you a one-man show with ladyboy burlesque realness. How does feeling unloved in a supposed-loving environment affect us? Aphrodisiac is a solo which creates freedom to express the suppressed. Unapologetic, fierce and queer.

I. STRAUS | Only Breakfast & Dinner – Pub Edition 

Location: ‘t Oude Pothuys | Genre: Music Theater

A sketchy pub, rants about sanctity, beastly rituals and punk music pressing your chest – what’s not to love? This piece depicts the inner struggle between morality and primal drifts.

MAMM | Samen alleen

Location: Taplokaal Gist  | Genre: Dance

Man is a herd animal, but seems to have forgotten that himself. He is at his best in the presence and warmth of his kind, but why does he retire so comfortably in his filter bubble?

PAS DE CYGNE | Aankleefzwaan

Location: Restaurant De Branding | Genre: Mime / music

Also tired of the urge for perfection? Aankleefzwaan is about the beauty of striving to be unique. With flute, accordion and absurdity, Pas de Cygne takes you into an experience in which failure will be praised.

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